Training Course “Preventing the Illicit Trade in Cultural Property”

The training course entitled “Preventing the Illicit Trade in Cultural Property" is a project  conceived and implemented by Biladi and Dr. Neil Brodie and is funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. It aims at building capacity by improving international understanding and cooperation between agencies and individuals with law enforcement responsibilities, with a view ...

Beit Sitti W Jeddi

“Beit Sitti w Jeddi”: A Journey Back in Time for a Leap to the Future   “Beit Sitti w Jeddi” is a replica of a typical Lebanese farmer’s house, and is part of a wide scale program launched by Biladi aiming at preserving heritage in Lebanon. This reproduction of a rural home ...

#Unite4Heritage Lebanon

  Students of Lebanon #UNITE4HERITAGE A Unesco initiative to increase the children’s awareness concerning protection of heritage in times of war At a time when so many relics and archaeological sites are in danger, and as many historical sites have already been devastated by violence, it is crucial to increase the young generation’s ...

Basic Trips

Our aim is to introduce youngsters to Lebanon’s heritage and to enjoy it.                 • Tripoli and the Cedars: Discover a 1000 years old city with its souks, mosques, churches and castle...                                                          



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